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AGEP Program Alumni - Caltech
Profile Image of Marchello Cavitt
  • Program Alumni

Marchello Cavitt

AGEP provided me with the opportunity to study chemistry at one of the best institutions for science in the world. I was fortunate to work with an amazing advisor.  For this, I am very grateful.

Profile Image of Mauro Rodriguez
  • Program Alumni

Mauro Rodriguez

I am tremendously grateful to my postdoctoral advisor, Professor Tim Colonius, for his mentorship during my two years at Caltech. His support and guidance was vital to my success during my transition to a faculty position at Brown University. With his support (as well as Caltech), I was able to be supported in part by the California Alliance AGEP program for my postdoctoral research tenure. I deeply thank the AGEP program and community for supporting me during my postdoctoral research fellowship experience. Their support enabled me to expand my research portfolio, build community at Caltech, and effectively transition to the next stage of my career.

Profile Image of Brian Ramirez
  • Program Alumni

Brian Ramirez

I had an amazing experience at Caltech and really enjoyed the AGEP activities and resources they provided. These experiences helped me solidify my academic path, becoming a professor in a teaching focused university with a diverse student population.

Profile Image of Stewart Mallory
  • Program Alumni

Stewart Mallory

The mentorship I received as an AGEP postdoctoral fellow was the catalyst to realizing my dream of being a faculty member. The constructive environment cultivated by the program provided me with the tools and space to flourish as a researcher and to be a better mentor for my students.

Profile Image of Jessica Hinojosa
  • Program Alumni

Jessica Hinojosa

The AGEP program was a great support system during my postdoc at Caltech. It provided a community and a set of resources both at Caltech and among the broader network of universities that were part of the program. While postdocs can sometimes be isolating, I appreciated the connections I made through the AGEP program.

Profile Image of Leopold Green
  • Program Alumni

Leopold Green

AGEP was instrumental in allowing me to pursue the research topic which is now the foundation of my lab at Purdue: "Engineering smart microbial-based therapeutics." AGEP Fellowship also supported my career development. Faculty development workshops were beneficial in my faculty application packages and afforded opportunities to meet with program officers for NSF, NIH, and DOD grant agencies.