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Application and Eligibility

Interested applicants can apply to the Presidential Postdoc Fellowship in 2 ways:

Open Call - if you do not already have a Caltech faculty member who has offered you a position in their research group, but would be interested in completing a postdoc at Caltech. You do not need to have previous contact with a Caltech faculty member. Funding may be available to allow open call finalists to visit Caltech and their potential research group before committing to a position. Application requirements specific to this type of application are indicated with an (OC) below.

Specific Position - if you have been in contact with a Caltech faculty member who has offered you a position in their research group, which may or may not be contingent on receiving this funding. Application requirements specific to this type of application are indicated with a (SP) below.

Please submit, to ppfp@caltech.edu, all of the following documents:

  • Statement of Purpose (1-2 pages) - please introduce yourself to the review committee, share any relevant experience and discuss why you are interested in a postdoc position at Caltech. If you have external funding for your postdoc, please indicate it in your statement. This will not factor into the decision of who receives a Presidential Postdoc fellowship. (OC) Please include the names of 2 - 4 faculty members at Caltech you would most like to to work with during your postdoc, and why.
  • CV
  • 3 letters of recommendation sent directly from the letter writer.
    • 1 letter can be from someone who can speak to your previous work related to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. This person does not need to be a faculty member or someone in academia.
    • (SP) 1 should be from your future Caltech advisor.
      • Instructions for Caltech Advisor - The recommendation letter should address why this fellowship applicant was offered a position in your research group, their research plan and how you foster an inclusive environment in your research group.
  • Research Statement (1-2 pages) - discuss your proposed research at Caltech.
  • Contributions to Inclusion and Diversity Statement (1-2 pages) - the statement should address how you might support Caltech's commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility during your time on campus. You are encouraged to discuss any previous work in this area and to provide specific examples. Supporting information and evidence can be included as an appendix which does not count towards the page count.
    How will my statements be evaluated?

Applications can be submitted directly by the candidate, (SP) or compiled and submitted by Caltech advisor.

Upcoming Due Dates
Friday January 12, 2024, 1 pm PST
Friday July 12, 2024 1 pm PDT
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  • Strong preference will be given to students who have not yet started their postdoctoral term at Caltech.
  • This fellowship aims to support a diverse and inclusive postdoctoral community at Caltech. Applicants with diverse perspectives and backgrounds encouraged to apply All scholars are eligible. A diverse and inclusive community is built of unique individuals, each shaped by their own experiences. Applicants are encouraged to speak about their backgrounds and lived experiences in their Statement of Purpose and describe their contributions to diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in their Contributions to Inclusion and Diversity Statement. For any questions about eligibility or statement writing, please contact ppfp@caltech.edu.
  • If scholars receive external fellowships that cover the full stipend and benefits, fellowship funding will provide up to $5,000 for a research and relocation allowance. Health insurance benefits will also be covered if they are not supported by the external fellowship.